Meet Hill Vintage

I have yet to introduce to you Hill Vintage, my apologies. The background is my lady, Jessica Miller and I started our vintage clothing company in 2009  and have been selling wonderful vintage finds and de-hoarding our homes ever since. 

We recently did an interview with our friends over at KRRB and you can find it here!

But more importantly you should visit, join, and start using it. Jessica describes it as if Etsy and Craigslist had a baby. Same concept as the two but much more personalized as it allows you to post profile photos and search your neighborhood for available goods. Like I said. Check. It. Out.

Oh yeah and welcome to Hill Vintage!



Personalized Stocking Hat

Lady friend, Hill Vintage model, and pop folksy ROCKSTAR Elizabeth Arynn requested a personalized stocking hat.

Personalized Stocking Hat. Available for commission, $25.

5 Years and Counting…

Since starting this cardigan I have celebrated five birthdays, moved five times, quit grad school, switched jobs twice, opened my own business and started grad school again. Oh man.