More Christmas Stockings!!

IMG_9966 IMG_9967 IMG_9968

This one was to replicate the stocking on the left. I knit the right one. They are laid side by side for comparison. This pattern was originally written in 1945. Knit with Cascade 220.


Personalized Christmas Stockings

IMG_9156 IMG_9159IMG_9157

Christmas stocking commission to match a family heirloom stocking. From a pattern pack distributed by Bernat in the late 60’s. Knit with Cascade 220 and an angora yarn.

Christmas Stocking Commission

IMG_9154 IMG_9159 IMG_9157

Three Christmas stockings done as a commission for a growing family. All knit with Cascade 220.

Christmas Decorations!

IMG_6240 IMG_6239 IMG_6246Mini Christmas decorations. I used Cascade 220 and Lana D’Oro and they were knit as shop examples for an intermediate knitting class.

Bobber Garland


This was my only hand knit Christmas gift and it was given to the beard’s mom. Her and her husband recently purchased a cabin in northern Minnesota and this will go perfectly with their decor.

Christmas Decorations

IMG_3553 IMG_3556

This year I knit a handful of tiny Christmas stockings for tree decorations. Here is an example. Available for commission, $15.

Iowa State Fair 2012

IMG_2344 IMG_2347 IMG_2346

I entered these three items into the Iowa State Fair Fabric and Threads competition this year. As you can see my cardigan received a pink ribbon! It is always exciting to see your work displayed but even more exciting when there is a ribbon attached!