Simpliworsted Classic Mittens

IMG_0041 IMG_0050

These lovelies were knit for a four year old under the direct supervision of my helper. Thanks Louis! Knit with Simpliworsted, Pattern by Bernhard Ulmann. ┬áIt’s an oldie but a goodie.


More Christmas Stockings!!

IMG_9966 IMG_9967 IMG_9968

This one was to replicate the stocking on the left. I knit the right one. They are laid side by side for comparison. This pattern was originally written in 1945. Knit with Cascade 220.

Personalized Christmas Stockings

IMG_9156 IMG_9159IMG_9157

Christmas stocking commission to match a family heirloom stocking. From a pattern pack distributed by Bernat in the late 60’s. Knit with Cascade 220 and an angora yarn.

Christmas Stocking Commission

IMG_9154 IMG_9159 IMG_9157

Three Christmas stockings done as a commission for a growing family. All knit with Cascade 220.

Commissions in action!

1012497_10201248386467921_1951118534_n IMG_5818Commissions in action: including baby Marlow’s monkey hat and basic ribbed stocking hat-part of a wedding pack.

A house divided…

IMG_5951A house divided wedding pack hats!! For the wedded couple who roots for both Iowa State University and University of Iowa. Knit with Cascade 220. Available for commission, $30.